Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Alexander Mcqueen Mens Scarf

Alexander Mcqueen Mens Scarf very fashionable!

Black Alexander mcqueen mens scarf and sun glass, perfect!

Alexander Mcqueen Mens Scarf as street style

Another skull scarf at the beach..

These are some pictures men wearing Alexander McQueen mens scarf, I took this images from I hope you are inspired.

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Monday, 2 January 2012

Fashion Scarves For Men

Fashion Silk Scarves For Men, image source:

Men in Scarves
- Men are permitted by the unspoken rules of American culture to do just about anything to themselves with regards to fashion. Pants that drag on the ground and require six belts to hold up are cool in some circles. Ear gauges as big as golf balls are fashionable among a certain crowd. And bro tanks, sadly, are the article of clothing seen most often on the backs of men on this campus.

But for some reason, in those same unspoken rules, there’s a line that says don’t even think about wearing a scarf, you pathetic excuse for a man.

All over the world, good looking men wear scarves for both function and fashion. See: David Beckham or Brad Pitt. Very few would criticize these men’s fashion choices since it’s commonly known they stand among the best-dressed out there.

Except here’s the catch: Go into a bar here while wearing a scarf and run the risk of being labeled homosexual — how utterly stupid.

Look, sexuality — and its corresponding masculinity — can’t be determined through clothing. “Gaydar” doesn’t exist. Sorry, but it’s true. You can’t look at someone and just know which side of the coin they’re on, and a scarf doesn’t change that. Period.

On the positive side, a well-placed scarf can take a normally average outfit like a T-shirt and jeans and make it instantly more fashionable. Yeah, I know, straight guys aren’t supposed to care about being fashionable. Well, that may be true, but those straight guys we’re talking about need to get a reality check; they might not care about how they look, but women certainly do.

When a woman sees a scarf tied properly and worn confidently, that wins you points. It takes you from being a slob who isn’t comfortable enough with his own body to dress it properly, to a confident man who knows his strengths and amplifies them.

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