Monday, 9 January 2012

David Beckham Scarf

David Beckham scarf

English soccer player David Beckham gestures as he leaves "The Betulle" clinic after a medical test in Appiano Gentile near Como December 20, 2008. The Los Angeles Galaxy player will join AC Milan on loan in January. (Left)

Worn as the traditional loop, only in reverse, with the free ends dangling down the back; has the advantage of keeping excess fabric out of your way, although it’s more difficult to make small adjustments while wearing. EUROPEAN KNOT (A.K.A. THE CHELSEA SLING)
The scarf is folded in half and placed around the back of the neck. The loose ends are then threaded through the loop and pulled taut. The euro-knot is ideal for maximum neck coverage without extending too far down the body. Neat and warm, but a little bulky and suffocating at times. (Right)


  1. Lovely scarf + charming David = PERFECT .. Do you know the brand of David's scarf on the left picture ..??

  2. Sorry, I don't know, the brand used by david beckham scarf is too much. ☺

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