Saturday, 31 December 2011

Easy Scarf Patterns Men

Easy Scarf Patterns Men

Free easy crochet pattern from the Coats & Cark free pattern collection.

If you would like to crochet a winter scarf for a special guy, this free crochet pattern may be just what you need. The scarf is a classic style.

Easy Scarf Patterns Men Printable Instruction link Download

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Mens Scarf Knitting Pattern

à la Ouest - a Scarf

Hello, here is a unisex scarf pattern from my friends, this scarf designed as a submission to an online pattern publication. I love the way the short rows work in this pattern, showing off the long repeats of colour and creating a 'stained glass' effect. The scarf is knit with 1 skein of Sundara sock in black, and 1 skein of Crazy Zauberball. The alternate colourway uses 1 skein each of Indigo Moon sock and Noro Kureyon sock. The short row technique is very easy and does not use wrapping. There is a video link in the pattern to Cat Bordhi's site for reference, as I used her technique and modified it a bit.

Download this Free Knitting Patterns Mens Scarf on Ravelry site. Free Download

Pattern & images © 2011 Esther Budd. This pattern is for personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes without written permission.

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Friday, 30 December 2011

Men's Scarf Pattern Crochet

Scarves make such satisfying crochet projects. They can be either practical or fancy, utilitarian or dressy. Use them to make a fashion statement, or to keep warm, or for both reasons at the same time.

Many people learn how to crochet because they want to make an extra-special fashion to celebrate the days. Men's scarf pattern crochet are wonderful crochet patterns, because with an scarf crochet, there isn’t any complicated shaping to worry about like there is with garment patterns. Also, the crochet stitch patterns used tend to be repetitive and easy to use.

Men's Scarf Pattern Crochet

Men's scarf pattern crochet pictured above is the perfect example. There’s enough variety in the stitch pattern that it’s a fun project, but the same stitches repeat over and over again, which makes it easy to crochet.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Masculine Scarf Pattern

Masculine Scarf Pattern

My dad gets sick in the winter a lot from breathing in the cold air. He has weak lungs like me. I want to make him a scarf for Winter. I know there are a lot of good knitting patterns out there for scarves, but I'm having trouble finding a suitable, masculine scarf pattern for my dad.

I'm a beginning knitter, and I really like to get a skein of Lion Brand Homespun. I don't remember what size needles, but pretty big - 10s maybe? And just do straight garter stitch for as long as the skein goes. I haven't started this winter's pile of scarves yet so I don't remember exactly, but I cast on 14, 16, or 18, and just knit away. No purling even. They turn out plain rectangles with a little bit of texture. Homespun has beautiful colors, too. Browns, burgundies, blues. He'll love whatever you make for him, I'm sure.

There are lots of free masculine scarf patterns available on the internet, if you want to do a search. The following pages have many that are suitable for men or women scarf pattern:

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

How Men Wears a Scarf : David Beckham

How Men Wears a Scarf : David Beckham

David Beckham fastened his natty college scarf number with the Chelsea knot/French loop/Indian twist/Lima look.
David Beckham is my favorite athlete and favorite football player. Where ever he play, he alwasy looks cool anf fashionable.
He is one of the men who always looks good on every styles, especially men's scarf. David alwas know how a guy wears a scarf.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Men's Winter Scarf

Men's winter scarf.

The items were fun and edgy yet great looking.

The Skull Cap has gray stripes or charcoal with blue stripes and has signature Psycho Bunny embroidered logo detail. It’s made of wool and runs $150.

The huge Bunny Scarf comes in black/charcoal or blue/red colorblock with the large signature bunny skull and crossbones design.

Made of cashmere and wool, the scarf also costs $150.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Snood Scarf Hood

men scarf
Snood scarf

As I write this the country has come to a standstill because of the 'severe weather conditions.' Airports are shut, the M25 is like a car park and passengers have been stranded overnight on commuter trains - twice.

Amid the mayhem caused by the cold snap, I hoped against hope that those caught out in the cold were in possession of what I have belatedly discovered is the singular most effective defence against the chill: a snood.
men's scarves
Black snood scarf

For the uninitiated a snood is essentially a scarf that has had its ends sewn together to form a loop. Sometimes they're rather shorter - more like a deep collar that can be slipped over the head.

It's a terrible name for an article of clothing really, particularly for a lot of men who would no sooner go into a shop and ask for a 'snood' as they would a pair of 'pantaloons'. Scratch the surface of the snood's history, and you discover that it's an evolutionary cousin of a woman's crocheted hairnet. That doesn't help either.

snood scarf for men
Men's scarves

But brave it out, lads. I honestly cannot explain the science behind it, but the snood that I have been wearing for the last few days (part of the Autograph range at M&S, and long sold out) has provided me with more effective insulation than any of the dozens of men's scarves I own.

Even better, there are no more dangly ends of scarf poking out at the bottom of jackets, and no bulky bulges created by excess material and oversized knots. A simple double-loop of the material and I am fully prepared to deal with this extraordinary thing called 'winter' that seems to catch this country by surprise every year.

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

How a Guy Wears a Scarf ?

For men, going a little bit out of the usual style of shirts and sweaters and jeans always results in something fashionable and extremely sexy. If you want to wear scarves, you can go ahead, instead of worrying whether it is too cold out or not. This is because scarves now come in a large variety, so that you can wear them even it is swelteringly hot outside. All you have to know is how.

To have great scarves in your wardrobe is not an easy job. You have to keep an eye out to know which designer scarves you should grab. When it comes to making the best choice, go no further than Giorgio Armani himself. Giorgio Armani silk stole comes in two gorgeous types of colors: lavender and gray. It is made out of silk and is the perfect accessory to wear for a night out.

* You can go for the next best brand for scarves and that is Donna Karan New York or DKNY for short. This place is known well for its funky and yet classic designs, like the DKNY Signature Cotton Fringed Long Neck Scarf which comes in three main colors of dark gray, light gray and white. This scarf is made of pure cotton alone and stitched and fringed to get the classy effect.

* When you are going for varieties based on fabric, you have a huge range of options. If you want pure silk, you should go for all men's Oriental Silk scarves which are the best. They are 100% silk and fringed for the perfect appeal. Plus, they have Oriental calligraphy drawn on them.

* Since these scarves are double-sized, you can wear them either front side up or reverse side up according to what you are wearing. They are about 40-45 inches long and 10 inches wide. You can even hang them around your neck with the lose ends dangling in front.

* Men's silk scarves are actually found in very dark shades like blue, black or maroon, or very light shade too like off-white or white, beige or fawn.

* The most popular silk scarves for men are the white silk aviator scarves. They look good with denim jackets, or leather or sports jackets, coats or suits and even sweaters. They bring about that muscular style to every man's attire, and make them more desirable than ever. They help in extending the man's personality so that they look mystically handsome.

* If you want to get the formal look with scarves, you can easily wear the ascots with blazers and tuxedoes. To get the maximum effect, choose an ascot that is of a contrasting color. If you wear a light colored shirt, you must wear a scarf of dark color, and vice versa.

Men's Scarf Inspitation

Scarves have become an important part of men's accessories, and unless and until you wear one, you simply would not be completely dressed. Having one in your wardrobe is a must these days.

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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Men's Scarf Tying Guide

Once the gentlemen’s scarf was just draped sadly round the neck, barely visible beneath the buttoned-up overcoat, unless its owner was Rupert Bear or Dr Who.

But metrosexual man has put a stop to that. He’s wrapping and twisting and looping with abandon. And it’s nothing to do with the cold. Suddenly the debate has exploded: “Just what is the right way for a man to wear a scarf?”The question was posed by a reader who inquired why half of young men were wearing their scarves knotted like women.

A man’s scarf should be worn inside his overcoat and exposed an inch above the collar, with the tie on view. And the response to this mild observation? In short: Get knotted.

There is no other way now; this is a major revolution. Everyone is knotting. Scarves are just so long now, you’d be tripping over them otherwise. Is knotting too feminine? People will just have to take a view depending on the person.

Even the established Savile Row tailor Gieves & Hawkes admits time has moved on. The classic drape was immensely popular to bring some breakage of colour with your lapel, said our friend with the tape measure. And with a silk scarf, really, that’s the only way to wear it. But for a woollen scarf, it’s perfectly acceptable for men to loop and knot.

Gareth Scourfield, the fashion editor of Esquire magazine, admits that men may be influenced by their wives and girlfriends. But it has allowed men to wear scarves in a much more creative way. Let’s face it, men don’t have as many exciting clothes to play with as women.

Nick Foulkes, the author and self-confessed “dandy” and style guru, said: The scarf is a sartorial flourish. It’s the early 21st century equivalent of the bold linings worn by 1980s estate agents.

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Saturday, 26 November 2011

How Men Wear a Scarf ?

Fortunately scarf weather seems to have finally arrived. I always feel a bit self-conscious wearing them, and feel like I never do a good job of tying them. For a bit of inspiration, I looked to the men featured over the years, as there have certainly been a number of them wearing scarves. Here are some of my favorites on How Men Wear a Scarf:

Image Source: The Sartorialist
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