Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tips for Choosing Men's Scarves

When we are mentioning scarves, we always think they are women's ornaments. But in fact, nowadays, wearing scarf is not women's patent anymore and a growing number of men also choose the little item to show their charms. Then what should men notice when they selecting a suitable scarf?

1. Color.
Personally speaking, I think the following matches are appropriate. If the man wears white shirt, he should choose a light gray scarf. This matching makes the guy quite steady and mature. If a guy is wearing an intense purple outfit, he can get a white or blue scarf with little dots. And he will look so fashionable and lively. In a word, the colors should get distinguished.

2. Styles of scarves.
Just like women's scarves, designers have designed so many scarves styles for men. Long scarves are the most common ones. They are fitted for casual occasions. The biggest advantage is that it can be paired with any clothing. Both jeans and slacks can be men's choices. In addition, no matter what shoes you are wearing, you can find the fitted scarf to match. Another style is short triangular scarf. I do think it is more appropriate for the individual with distinct personality. Musicians or artists can select this scarf as accessories. Of course, there are no fixed rules. If you think the short triangular scarf does suit yourself, you can just have a try and show your difference.

3. Patterns printed in the scarf.
I think this is the most insignificant respect. Everyone has his own tastes; therefore, he can just get the scarf with his favorite patterns and display his charms. But here I want to mention that the stylish patterns in this year are the leopard designs. If you are a fashionista, you should visit the boutique and find out the trendy scarves.

4. Materials of the scarf.
Silk scarf has been the rage for quite a long time. Besides, the knitted shawls are very popular in these years. Thus, the trend followers should try them out.

The above information is my tips for you to choose men's scarves. To draw a conclusion, the colors, styles, patterns and materials of scarves are the four vital factors. If you are going to buy a men's scarf, I do hope that these tips are helpful to you.


  1. Primarily, scarves are worn for the sake of staying warm but as the fashion has evolved over time, it has been part of the men’s fashion trends. It would be better to seek a solid color which resembles a manly characteristic.

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