Friday, 9 March 2012

Men's Neck Scarf

Men's Neck Scarf
Men's Venice Net Scarf

Product Description:
This net scarf in classy deep indigo charcoal is nothing of the ordinary. Generously sized (hottest size in Europe). Update your wardrobe with this soft, lightweight scarf today!
Size: 34x74". Silky soft viscose. By Anika Dali; Imported Fashion Tip: Before wearing scarves, always remove the labels. Anika Dali scarves use labels in sticker form for easy removal.

Men's Neck Scarf
Men's Neck Scarf

Customer Reviews:
"Interesting", was what I thought when I saw this scarf. Then, I put this scarf on, and said, "Wow!". The net weaving is quite special. The color is of dark charcoal but has a deep indigo midnight blue tone to it. The material is silky soft. It's quite a versatile piece. It's a big scarf, so it creates volumn around the neck, which I like. It's super classy when you wear it with an overcoat or a suit. It works well with a sweater too. Love it.

Lots of net like super soft fabric to work with, feels great around my neck, love the color too! Nice one Anika Dali!

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  1. WOW!!!! he looks very stylish and handsome in these scarfs.....


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