Tuesday, 13 December 2011

How a Guy Wears a Scarf ?

For men, going a little bit out of the usual style of shirts and sweaters and jeans always results in something fashionable and extremely sexy. If you want to wear scarves, you can go ahead, instead of worrying whether it is too cold out or not. This is because scarves now come in a large variety, so that you can wear them even it is swelteringly hot outside. All you have to know is how.

To have great scarves in your wardrobe is not an easy job. You have to keep an eye out to know which designer scarves you should grab. When it comes to making the best choice, go no further than Giorgio Armani himself. Giorgio Armani silk stole comes in two gorgeous types of colors: lavender and gray. It is made out of silk and is the perfect accessory to wear for a night out.

* You can go for the next best brand for scarves and that is Donna Karan New York or DKNY for short. This place is known well for its funky and yet classic designs, like the DKNY Signature Cotton Fringed Long Neck Scarf which comes in three main colors of dark gray, light gray and white. This scarf is made of pure cotton alone and stitched and fringed to get the classy effect.

* When you are going for varieties based on fabric, you have a huge range of options. If you want pure silk, you should go for all men's Oriental Silk scarves which are the best. They are 100% silk and fringed for the perfect appeal. Plus, they have Oriental calligraphy drawn on them.

* Since these scarves are double-sized, you can wear them either front side up or reverse side up according to what you are wearing. They are about 40-45 inches long and 10 inches wide. You can even hang them around your neck with the lose ends dangling in front.

* Men's silk scarves are actually found in very dark shades like blue, black or maroon, or very light shade too like off-white or white, beige or fawn.

* The most popular silk scarves for men are the white silk aviator scarves. They look good with denim jackets, or leather or sports jackets, coats or suits and even sweaters. They bring about that muscular style to every man's attire, and make them more desirable than ever. They help in extending the man's personality so that they look mystically handsome.

* If you want to get the formal look with scarves, you can easily wear the ascots with blazers and tuxedoes. To get the maximum effect, choose an ascot that is of a contrasting color. If you wear a light colored shirt, you must wear a scarf of dark color, and vice versa.

Men's Scarf Inspitation

Scarves have become an important part of men's accessories, and unless and until you wear one, you simply would not be completely dressed. Having one in your wardrobe is a must these days.

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