Friday, 23 December 2011

Snood Scarf Hood

men scarf
Snood scarf

As I write this the country has come to a standstill because of the 'severe weather conditions.' Airports are shut, the M25 is like a car park and passengers have been stranded overnight on commuter trains - twice.

Amid the mayhem caused by the cold snap, I hoped against hope that those caught out in the cold were in possession of what I have belatedly discovered is the singular most effective defence against the chill: a snood.
men's scarves
Black snood scarf

For the uninitiated a snood is essentially a scarf that has had its ends sewn together to form a loop. Sometimes they're rather shorter - more like a deep collar that can be slipped over the head.

It's a terrible name for an article of clothing really, particularly for a lot of men who would no sooner go into a shop and ask for a 'snood' as they would a pair of 'pantaloons'. Scratch the surface of the snood's history, and you discover that it's an evolutionary cousin of a woman's crocheted hairnet. That doesn't help either.

snood scarf for men
Men's scarves

But brave it out, lads. I honestly cannot explain the science behind it, but the snood that I have been wearing for the last few days (part of the Autograph range at M&S, and long sold out) has provided me with more effective insulation than any of the dozens of men's scarves I own.

Even better, there are no more dangly ends of scarf poking out at the bottom of jackets, and no bulky bulges created by excess material and oversized knots. A simple double-loop of the material and I am fully prepared to deal with this extraordinary thing called 'winter' that seems to catch this country by surprise every year.

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